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Bukit Gasing River Trail Connecting LRT Asia Jaya to Seksyen 19 Is Now Open

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Sometimes, roads in Malaysia are hard to manoeuvre when you’re not driving. As a public transport taker, there are times when your travelling time takes way longer than the driving time as the city just seems to be catered mostly for cars.

However, it seems that the government is slowly making efforts to make the cities more walkable. Rajiv Rishyakaran, the ADUN of Bukit Gasing has shared on his social media pages that the Bukit Gasing River trail is now open.

“This will allow for a serene path while increasing connectivity for public transport users,” he added that the trail is open to pedestrians, cyclists and for recreational purposes.

The trail begins opposite OK Mart (Jalan 14/15) and ends opposite 32 Square Seksyen 19 (Jalan 14/29).

Many netizens felt that it is a good effort but looking at the photos, there doesn’t seem to be any shade to protect people from the tropical sun or street lights for safety at night.

Well, we hope that more amenities will be added and there will be more river trails popping up!

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