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The industry is advised to make the river an ``adopted child''


SEPANG: The Ministry of Environment and Water (KASA) wants the industry to participate in the National River Trail Program to protect water resources.

He said the system would assist the ministry to look at overall issues arising from the water system, including determining the grade of raw water.

Its minister, Datuk Seri Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man said, the involvement of the industry is important to change the image of the industry which has been often associated with environmental pollution issues including rivers.

He said, he is confident that the effort can be done if the industry can work together with the ministry to take care of water resources, especially rivers.

"For example, they (industry) can make a creek or river an 'adopted child' to take care of.

"They can release a budget for river care, build river trails and put up company signs as a sign that they are involved in taking care of the river," he said at the inauguration of the National Water Services Commission's (SPAN) River Trail Program at Sungai Jenderam, Kampung Jenderam Hulu. here today.

Regarding Jom Turun Sungai which took place simultaneously in 127 locations across the country today, Tuan Ibrahim said, the program is hoped to bring back the culture of mutual cooperation among the community.

According to him, the program is an annual activity in conjunction with World River Day which aims to invite the community to appreciate the value of water.

"We want to revive the culture of gotong royong and this time, we want to getong royong to clean the river, clean the dirt and build river trails.

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